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Date Published: 11/12/2011
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Date Published: 10/15/2007
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Math MechanixsŪ is a registered trademark of Math Mechanixs, LLC

This download of the Math Mechanixs math software is a fully functional version over the evaluation period. This includes the Scientific Calculator and Math Editor, which allows you to view and edit your work, while adding notes, just like a word editor. Additional features include: the extendable function library, our unique function solver, the 3D graphing module, a calculus utility with single, double and triple integration and differentiation, root finding, matrix mathematics, histograms and pareto charts, curve fitting, and an integrated context sensitive help system with numerous tutorials in .wmv file format. We plan on releasing further software enhancements to Math Mechanixs which may include: data distribution fitting and plotting, correlation coefficient for data analysis, monte carlo simulation, and probabilistic analysis. If you have any preferances for new features and enhancements please be sure to contact us with your suggestions.

Important Installation Note:

Please Close all Programs Prior to Installing, Especially Instant Messenging Services

Math Mechanixs Math Software Description

Math Mechanixs® is a Microsoft Windows® compatible math software program. It is your PC based graphing calculator and so much more. It is not a training aid or a spreadsheet program. It works using a Math Editor (as opposed to a Text Editor) allowing the user to type the mathematical expression similar to the way you would on a piece of paper.

The Math Mechanixs math software program is capable of creating 2D and 3D full color graphs that are nothing less than “Stunning”. With the Math Mechanixs math software, 3D graphing is easy. This math software also provides a basic function library which includes trigonometric and statistical functions, while also being completely extendable by the user. This is unavailable in your ordinary graphing calculator, but is available in our math software.

A fully functional version of Math Mechanixs Professional is available for your evaluation. After this evaluation period has ended you will then be required to register the math software in order to continue usage. If you choose not to register the Professional Version a you can continue to use the Lite version FREE of charge. For more details click here.

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