Math Mechanixs includes a numerical differentiation tool. This tool includes single, double, and triple differentiation which makes the calculus utility even better! The tool can be used for computing differentials for any equation including complex mathematical expressions which have no analytical solution. To download the latest version please visit our download page.

Math Mechanixs Differentiation

You can also easily plot the differentiation results by simplying clicking the graph answer button. This makes it easy to compare the differentiation functions in a graphical format. You can also easily visualize and isolate maxima, minima and inflection points for single, double and triple differentials.

Math Mechanixs Differentiation Plot


The Math Mechanixs Calculus utility contains an Integration Utility capable of performing single, double, and triple integration. This version is currently available. To download or upgrade your existing version, please visit our download page.

Math Mechanixs Triple Integration

For more screenshots visit the screenshot page.

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