Tutorials are a useful means to quickly learn the basic concepts of Math Mechanixs. Each tutorial focuses on a specific feature of the software and run about 2 minutes in length. Learning any new piece of software takes time, we hope that these tutorials shorten the length of time required to become proficient with Math Mechanixs. The tutorials are in .wmv (windows media player) file format and can be viewed by clicking the hyperlinks below.

Note: If you are using Mozilla Firefox you must install the Windows Media Player plugin for Firefox to view these tutorials, click here to download and install this plugin. For more information about this plugin click here.

Using the tutorials and getting help.

Using the Math Editor and defining a function.

Defining and using variables.

Using the Math Editor and Graph Window.

Defining functions and using the Function Manager.

Graphing a function and using the Graph Window.

Using the Function Library and Function Solver.

Manipulating a graph and labeling points.

Opening an example file and graphing data points.

Building a 2D graph using data points.

Using the Calculus Integration Utility.

Using the Calculus Differentiation Utility.

Adding your own functions to the Function Library.

These tutorials can be downloaded and installed on your computer allowing them to be integrated directly into Math Mechanixs. After they are installed, you can click on the Tutorial button directly from the tool bar allowing you to play any tutorial you want to watch. You will then be able to periodically check our downloads page to determine if additional tutorials have been released and install them as well.

If you have a problem viewing the tutorials or do not have a movie player, you can download Windows Media Player direct from Microsoft's website.

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