Some of the key features of Math Mechanixs:

Math Mechanixs graphical user interface

The Math Mechanixs math software package has many key features that will prove to be of value to anyone who is looking for a comprehensive math software program. The graphing calculator features are really just the beginning...

A key feature of Math Mechanixs is an easy to use Math Editor supporting variable and function declarations with real and complex numbers. The Math Editor allows you to explain the work you are doing. It is not just a Math Editor, it is a text editor as well. How you use this is up to your imagination.

Math Mechanixs includes a scientific calculator with a vast assortment functions including logarithmic, trigonometric, statistical, and logical functions, to name just a few. The calculator integrates directly with the Math Editor which makes learning how to use the Math Editor a snap. If you love to just press buttons, try our scientific calculator.

Another Key Feature of Math Mechanixs is superior quality 3D color graphing of mathematical expressions w/ zooming & spatial rotation on all axes. Playing with this can be a whole lot of fun.

Math Mechanixs has an user extendable mathematical function library with a revolutionary Function Solver. The Function Solver will allow you to quickly compute any defined function using an automatically customized graphical user interface. In addition, if you create a function, you can add it to the the function library which already contains more than 200 predefined scientific and statistical functions. This key function helps us fulfill part of our mission: to make math software easy to use. Many math software programs make you type simple formulas in a complicated format (like MS EXCEL) just to get an answer, not Math Mechanixs.

There is also a calculus utility which includes single, double and triple integration and differention. You can even plot the first second and third differentials of any expression with the click of a button.

The Math Mechanixs Math Software program uses a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) which allows you to conveniently work on multiple problems at the same time. You can easily build 2D and 3D graphs using functions or data that you define or with some of the many pre-defined functions and formulas already in the Function Library..

Complete context sensitive help and tutorials (in .wmv file format) are integrated into Math mechanixs. Our math software has an extensive integrated help system that is easy to use and makes learning how to use Math Mechanixs a snap.

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