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Before you read the News, TAKE A BREAK WITH THE COMICS and watch the Video for a good laugh.

Then check out the math News articles below. NOTE: all links lead to outside articles.

Associated Press is Bad at Math

"Pick 3" Lottery Odds of Same Numbers in Consecutive Days. Is it one in a million? AP thinks so.

Art Collector Uses Mathematics to Unlock Secrets of Design

Horace "Woody" Brock believes he has cracked the secret of beautiful design.

Professor Uses Mathematics to Decode Beatles Tunes

Wall Street Journal article and videos show why The Beatles were a success. (This is pretty cool, a must read)

Doing the Math to Find the Good Jobs

Wall Street Journal Article: Mathematicians land top spot in new ranking of best and worst occupations in the U.S.

A Pattern's Math Magic

Tokolo Pattern Magnets, rotate them into endlessly new shapes

Teacher Named Math Award Recipient

For the third consecutive year, a Carmel Clay math teacher has been named a Math Hero Award winner.

Moving Mathematics Out of Mediocrity

The logic for the importance of improving school mathematics programs is reasonably unassailable....


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