Pricing of Math Mechanixs

Math Mechanixs Pro Evaluation Period

After intial installation of Math Mechanixs, you will be given a 30 day period to evaluate Math Mechanixs Pro. After this evaluation period has ended you will then be required to register the software in order to continue usage of the professional version of the software. If you choose not to register the software at this time, you can continue to use Math Mechanixs Lite with our compliments.

Price of Math Mechanixs Professional

When the evaluation period expires, you will need to purchase a key to unlock the professional version of the software. The license key will unlock one computer (i.e. the one being used to purchase the license from). You will have two licensing options. The first option is a yearly subscription at a cost of $19.95 USD per year which will give you the ability to upgrade the software any time a new version becomes available over the license period (we generally have 2 major releases every year). The second option will be a version upgrade license which will allow you to use the software into perpetuity (also at a cost of $19.95 USD), however, you will be required to pay for any major upgrades at an additional cost of $12.95 USD per upgrade. Minor upgrades and bug fixes will be provided free of charge.

Site licenses and educational institution discounts will be available upon request.

Math Mechanixs Lite FREE

If you choose not to purchase a Math Mechanixs Pro key, you are welcome to use Math Mechanixs Lite for FREE. Math Mechanixs Lite includes the Math Editor, the Scientific Calculator, 2D/3D Graphing, and the user extendable Function Library with over 280 predefined functions. Registration will NOT be required to use the FREE Lite version of Math Mechanixs.

Our Return Policy

Since you will be given 30 days in which to fully and completely evaluate our product prior to purchasing, all sales are considered final. A possible exception to this is the discovery of serious and unresolvable bugs which inhibits you from using the software for your intended purpose. These situations will be considered on a case by case basis.

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