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...Utilize the power of your computer to out perform any graphic calculator. Your computer was designed to perform mathematical analysis, so why is it that the math software that comes prepackaged with your computer is so limited? The Math Mechanixs software package solves this limitation by providing a complete math package which includes 2D and 3D graphing, a comprehensive Function Library and Solver, Calculus, Root Finding, Curve Fitting,an extendable function library with over 250 predefined Functions, and so much more...

...Work in full color on your computer's display instead of the tiny 2" x 2" screen of your graphing calculator. The display of most graphing calculators are very limited. Not only can they show so little detail, most graphing calculators do not have much of a work space and providing explainations about your work is impossible. The Math Editor conveniently allows your to explain your work while also solving complex functions and mathematical expressions. Math Mechanixs allows you to work in full color for both 2D and 3D graphs. You can easily label your graphs as well. You can write a virtually unlimited amount of descriptive notes in your work space and write notes along side your formulas and expressions. You can easily see your list of functions and declared variables. With an ordinary graphing calculator that is not possible.

...Access a powerful Function library that is extendable. Math Mechanixs has a built in function library that you can easily extend. Add your own function categories and associated functions and make them a permanent part of your Math Mechanixs installation. A regular graphing calculator does not have this ability.

...If your graphing calculator would allow you to work on many different problems at the same time and quickly view them. Math Mechanixs uses a multiple document interface which will allow you to work on multiple mathematical problems simultaneously, plus view the graphs of many different problems simultaneously.

...Evaluate the full version of Math Mechanixs before purchasing it. Free math software! Where else can you get a graphing calculator for free with no obligation. We are so confident that you will find our graphing calculator the best value on the market, that we are offering it free for a limited time. Compare Math Mechanixs against your graphing calculator, you will see that Math Mechanixs does so much more than any graphing calculator you have ever seen.

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