Function Library and Function Solver

Math Mechanixs has an easy to use Function Library containing over 280 predefined functions. Each function is identified by a description and prototype identifying the function parameters. Easily extend the function library by adding your own categories and functions to the library. Plus there is a unique Function Solver for easily solving your functions; no programming, just enter the function parameters and click "Solve". Very Cool!

Math Mechanixs Function Library And Solver

The Function Library

The Math Mechanixs Function Library installs with more than 280 predefined functions and constants, plus the library is completely extendable allowing you to add your own personal categories and functions with associated descriptions.

Math Mechanixs Function Library

The Function Solver

A unique feature of Math Mechanixs is an integrated function solver which provides an automatic Graphical User Interface (GUI) to any defined function. Just select a function, then click the solve button, the solver will open and provide edit controls for entering the function parameters. Press the "solve" button and get an answer, it doesnt get much easier.

Math Mechanixs Solver
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