Root Finder: Real Roots

The root finding tool will identify the real roots of any generic mathematical expression or function or find the complex roots of a polynomial expression with real or complex coefficients.

Math Mechanixs Root Finder

You can also easily plot the function or expression by simplying clicking the graph answer button. This makes it easy to visualize the zero crossings and identify the threshold values where you want to focus your search.

Math Mechanixs Root Finder Plot

Root Finder: Real and Complex Polynomial Roots

The Math Mechanixs Root Finder utility can also compute the real and complex roots of polynomials with real or complex coefficients. Simply enter the polynomial coefficient values and press the compute button. The roots will be displayed in the solution box, it could get much easier. To download or upgrade your existing version, please visit our download page.

Math Mechanixs Polynomial Root Finder

For more screenshots visit the screenshot page.

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