Key Features Of Math Mechanixs Graphing:

Math Mechanixs has many features that will not only out perform a graphing calculator, but will demonstrate why using a computer to solve math problems is what computers were created to do.

2D Graphic Simulation

Released in version, Math Mechanixs offers the ability to easily create 2D Graphic Simulations. By varying a secondary variable in your governing function, you can create a succession of curves that can be run together like a movie giving you the ability to quickly visualize how this variable affects the function and graph.

2D Graphic Simulation of Sine Wave

The Quick Graph Utility

Quick Graph, released in version 1.3, promises to make 2D graphing of mathematical expressions as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply enter your mathematical expression, select or enter the x-axis variable, enter the range and number of points, and press the graph button. Your graph will intantly appear... Ok, so maybe it is more like 1, 2, 3, 4... but we still guarantee that this new utility makes graphing so simple, a baby can do it!

Quick Graph Utility

Supported 2D Graph Types

Supported 3D Graph Types

Surface graph Surface and Bar graphs Bar Graphs which include options for display of:

Example of a 3D color graph
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