Math Editor

The Math Editor is the core of Math Mechanixs. This utility provides a workspace where you can compute mathematical expressions and document your work while also tracking your variables and functions.

Math Editor Multiple Document Interface


The Calculator includes a trigonometric and statistics section, various log functions, memory functions similar to a standard calculator, short cuts to other utilities such as the integration and differentiation utilities along with numerous other options.

Calculator Calculator

Function Solver

Our Function Solver is a unique feature of Math Mechanixs. Any function in the library can be inserted into the Math Editor or into the Functions Solver as shown below. It allows the user to solve any function in the library quickly, and edit the parameters on the fly. No complex inputing is required, unlike MS Excel. Answers, quick and easy. Math Mechanixs includes an extensive list of functions from a broad range catagories. You can also add your own functions and catagories to this library too.

Function Library Function Library Function Solver

Root Finding

The Root Finding utility allows you to quickly find the real roots of any function or mathematical expression or find the complex roots of polynomials.

Real Root Finder Polynomial Root Finder


The Calculus utility is our latest feature. The Integration utility performs single, double and triple integrals!

Integration Dialog Integration Dialog Integration Dialog


The Differentiation utility performs single, double and triple differentials.

Differentiation Dialog Differentiation Dialog Differentiation Dialog

Quick Calc

The Quick Calc feature allows you to quickly and easily compute functions and expressions over a specified range and graph the solution.

Quick Calc Quick Calc Dialog


Released in version, the Matrix utility supports a variety matrix functions including inverse, transpose, determinants just to name a few, plus a linear equation solver. This utility promises to make matrix mathematics a snap.

Matrix Utility LU Decomposition

Curve Fitting

Released in version, Curve Fitting has applications in many aspects of Engineering, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing.

Curve Fitting Dialog Curve Fitting


The Graphing features include a Quick Graphing utility that makes graphing of 2D functions and expressions a snap. Just enter a mathematical expression, the x-axis variable, and the start and end values along with the number of points and click the graph button.

Quick Graph Quick Graph Dialog

Graph Samples

Below is a very small sampling of graphs in both 2D and 3D.

2D Stacking Bar Graph Bar Graph Hi-Lo Graph Pie Graph Polar Graph Line Graph Scatter Plot Area Graph HiLo-OpenClose Graph

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